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Driving Growth with Digital RTM IT Platforms

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

It's time to unlock value in Route To Market to spur growth.

The distribution landscape in the APAC with millions of tiny mom & pop stores presents a great opportunity for growth for global CPG brands. But it is also one of the most challenging.

Currently, global brands directly reach less than 30 percent of the stores in the region. To capture a sizeable share of the estimated US $340 billion market1 (see Figure 1), CPG companies will need to increase coverage of these small stores by at least three times with sustainable cost-to-serve models. CPGs also need to scale their Route To Market (RTM) at speed as competitors are rapidly making inroads with disruptive models.

Distributors of multiple brands of consumer packaged goods (CPG) need effective route-to-market solutions in Emerging Markets. Currently, many of them use non-standardized, localized RTM solutions making it challenging for them to optimize sales and distribution. Siloed distribution systems cannot build and manage ecommerce capabilities for efficient order management or remove market credit bottlenecks. These challenges could be addressed with a single end-to-end platform—a next generation RTM solution.

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